"Our goal is to reduce the carbon footprint of the country by developing, owning & operating solar power facilities"

KDC Solar Program

  • KDC Solar provides 100% of the capital to develop, build, own, and operate the solar project (thus no capital required from Landlord or Tenant)
  • KDC Solar provides economic benefits to project hosts through a discount in electrical costs or lease payments for roof space.
  • KDC Solar is responsible for all operations and maintenance and any roof damage caused by the solar system. KDC Solar will also remove the system at the end of the term.
  • KDC Solar is supported by an equity commitment of $225 million by Diamond Castle Holdings


  • As a leader in the solar industry in New Jersey, KDC Solar focuses on net metered facilities for commercial, industrial, and institutional customers as well as landfill/brownfield opportunities throughout the state