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Operational Vitals : Gerresheimer Glass

  • Location: Vineland, NJ
  • System Owner: KDC Solar G Glass LLC
  • Building Owner: Gerresheimer Glass Inc
  • Building Tenant: Gerresheimer Glass Inc
  • Contractor: Inovateus Solar
  • Solar System Size: 2.798 MW
  • Est. System Output:3,600,000 kWh/Yr.

Operational Summary

The Gerresheimer Glass project is located in Vineland, NJ and is a 2.789 megawatt DC roof mounted facility which achieved commercial operations in September 2012. The project is fully financed by KDC Solar G Glass LLC with Gerresheimer Glass Inc purchasing the kilowatt hour output of the facility through a Power Purchase Agreement. The building that the facility is built on is owned by Gerresheimer Glass Inc and KDC Solar G Glass LLC has a lease agreement with the owner. The project was built with the help of Inovateus Solar and completed with the highest quality.

KDC Solar G Glass LLC is expecting to generate 3,600,000 kilowatt hours from the facility which makes the facility ~7.5% net zero. The facility is creating green energy and saving and lowering the carbon footprint of the building.

KDC Solar is very pleased to have closely coordinated and cooperated with Gerresheimer Glass Inc to bring this project to a reality and provide clean renewable energy at a low cost which in turn helps to create and preserve long term jobs in New Jersey.

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