Project: KDC Solar Lawrenceville
System Size: 6.1 MW

System Type: Single-axis tracker
Interconnection: Net-metered with JCP&L
Location: Lawrenceville, NJ

The Lawrenceville project is a single axis tracker which provides nearly 90% of the schools electricity demand.  The project included a more than 1,200 linear foot directional drill under a pond and golf course to the point of interconnection.  The Lawrenceville School uses this facility as part of their curriculum to expand the STEAM program of the school.  Additionally, the solar facility is home to bee hives and uses sheep for lawn maintenance.  The project achieved commercial operations in April 2012.


Operational Vitals

Location: Lawrenceville, NJ

Client: The Lawrenceville School

Contractor: J Fletcher Creamer

Acres - Facility Size

MW - Solar System Size

Million kWh/Yr. Est. System Output

KDC Solar