Middlesex Apple Orchard

Project: KDC Solar Middlesex Apple Orchard
System Size: 6.371 MW

System Type: Post driven ground mounted
Interconnection: Net-metered with JCP&L
Location: Middlesex, NJ

The Middlesex Apple Orchard project was built on County owned property and supplies power to various facilities for the County of Middlesex.  The project consists of seven separate ground mounted arrays, each with their own interconnection.  The power generated by the solar array provides ~96% of the county’s power needs at this site and achieved commercial operations in April 2013.

Middlesex Apple Orchard

Operational Vitals

Location: North Brunswick, NJ

Building Owner: The County of Middlesex

Client: Multiple entities

Contractor: SunDurance Energy and Solar Power Inc.

Acres - Facility Size

MW - Solar System Size

Million kWh/Yr. Est. System Output

KDC Solar